Install the firefox extension: EXTENSION (XPI) INSTALL LINK. If this doesn't work:

Or, if you are a greasemonkey user, install the user script instead: GREASEMONKEY USER SCRIPT LINK.

Once you have installed it (and restarted firefox), try visiting digg.

Note 1:I've preconfigured the number of columns to suit a large screen - my browser window is ~1900 wide. It may look horrible at 1280 wide. To make the columns wider, you need to reduce the number of columns. To do this, go into the settings tab (thin strip at the top of the browser window as per the screen shot below)

Note 2: The software is also configured to affect slashdot and wikipedia, amongst others. If you don't want that to happen, click on the settings tab, uncheck the relevant box, and hit "Apply". If you want to see your Google search results in columns, you'll need to enable this via the settings page (and make sure you have your Google preferences set to display say 50 or 100 results per page).

Note that the tabs will only appear on sites which are configured (eg digg, slashdot, google) and enabled (via the checkbox on the settings tab). Further documentation is available when you open the settings tab.

Note 3: This extension is also available at If you like it, please consider giving it a positive comment. It really could use some .. Thanks!

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